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but small enough to care!

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Why partner with us

Why partner with us

Clients want a partner who understands their needs, one who is financially stable and here to support them over the long-term.


  • Care for our partners and their clients
  • Build lasting relationships, fostering trust and constantly improving our performance
  • Enhance your brand by offering your clients our highly regarded travel insurance products, affordable rates, and exceptional customer service
  • Do not compete directly in the market place against our partners with our own brands
  • Offer competitive commission
  • Respond quickly to partner questions and world events since we are a fully integrated provider, with all of our services centrally located and managed
  • Hold an established history of corporate social responsibility, contributing human resources and funding to various charitable organizations in our community
  • Are committed to your organization’s growth and success

The TIPS brand is well-regarded by customers and partners alike. We are acknowledged for our flexible insurance solutions, exceptional customer service, and personalized partner support.

Specialization and Expertise

 Financial Strength and Stability

Partnership and Service

We believe the key to success lies in the relationships we form – not only with our customers and employees, but with our partners too.

That is why we are constantly focused on providing an attentive, supportive environment for our agents.

We accomplish this using a variety of tools, including:

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