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Youth Travel Insurance

As a young traveller, your journey may bring you many things – new experiences, new connections, and memories that will last a lifetime. But did you know that travel can also bring big risks with it too? Our youth plans are an affordable way to protect your money from unexpected travel risks. In particular, our plans provide important coverage for medical emergencies outside of your home province or territory of residence (where government health plans do not provide adequate medical coverage).

Choose from 2 plans – Our Premier Plan or our more comprehensive Ultimate Premier Plan. Both provide coverage against medical emergencies, cancelled trips, delayed flights, stolen passports and lost baggage.









Youth Premier Plan

Benefit Summary:

Emergency Medical Expenses

Imagine you unexpectedly injure yourself or become ill while on your trip. This benefit has you covered against the resulting hospital charges and emergency medical expenses that arise.

Emergency Dental

If you experience an unexpected injury to your mouth and/or head while on your trip and need emergency dental treatment, this benefit covers the expenses and even helps pay for continuing treatment after you return home

Medical Evacuation and/or Return Home

This benefit covers you if you have to be evacuated somewhere for emergency medical treatment or if you have to return to your home province/territory for emergency treatment.

Trip Cancellation

Need to cancel your trip, before your trip departure date, because of an unexpected event such as an injury to yourself, a family member’s sudden death, or a schedule change that causes you to miss your flight entirely? This benefit reimburses you for the unused, non-refundable investments you’ve made in your trip.

Trip Interruption

This benefit covers you in case you have to interrupt a trip that’s already begun (on or after your trip departure date) for an unexpected event such as your own sudden illness, the illness of your travelling companion, or terrible weather conditions that delay your flight and cause you to miss a large part of your trip.

Trip Delay

Even if your trip is delayed by unexpected events, you may still want to catch up and enjoy the rest of it. For example, you or your travelling companion could be delayed from reaching the airport because your car experiences a mechanical failure while on the road. If you miss your flight because of this and need to make new airline arrangements, this benefit will help cover extra expenses charged by the airline.

Accommodation & Meals

This benefit helps cover you in case your trip is altered by an unexpected event so much that you need to arrange new, temporary accommodations, and/or pay unexpected expenses for food and taxi-fares.

Lost, stolen, or damaged baggage

Coverage is provided if your luggage is lost, stolen, or damaged during your trip. Reimbursement is also available if your passport, travel visa, birth certificate, and/or driver’s license is lost, stolen, or damaged.

Personal Money

Covers you if your money, traveller cheques, travel tickets, or prepaid vouchers are lost or stolen while on your trip, up to $100.

Travel Assistance

Need emergency medical assistance, or need to replace a lost passport, arrange an emergency flight home, or get details on the local restaurants near your hotel? We provide 24/7, multi-lingual travel assistance and concierge services provided by a team of travel experts.

The above is a brief summary of coverage. Please see the policy for complete details of benefits, exclusions, limitations, terms and conditions.

The Ultimate Youth Premier Plan

Looking for even more? If you’re searching for the best we have to offer in youth travel insurance, look no further! This plan has all of the same, fantastic benefits of the Youth Premier Plan, plus increased emergency medical coverage up to $5 million. It also allows you to cancel a trip for reasons not normally covered under the Youth Premier Plan and be reimbursed up to 80% of the unused, non-refundable expenses.

See the POLICY for details.


Separate rates for U.S. and Non-U.S. travel

What is the difference between the two?

  • The U.S.A. rates are for people travelling into the U.S.A. during their covered trip.
  • The Non-U.S.A. rates are for people travelling outside the U.S.A.
  • The Non-U.S.A. rates do allow for a stopover in the U.S.A. for 48 hours or less.