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CanAssistance – Our Choice!

In keeping with our ongoing commitment to providing our valued travel partners and their clients with the finest in travel insurance products and services, Old Republic Canada is pleased to partner with CanAssistance.

Headquartered in Montreal, CanAssistance has been providing travel and medical assistance for Canadian travellers since it was founded in 1989, and serving clients from a variety of sectors, including government organizations, insurance companies, banks, credit card companies, travel wholesalers, and foreign travel assistance companies.

The cornerstone of any travel insurance product is its assistance company. Extensive experience and knowledge are required to successfully navigate the intricate world of travel and medical assistance. CanAssistance has a unique position in Canada. It has maintained a long-standing service relationship with many private and public organizations. Its excellent reputation is built on its quality-focused approach.

Can Assistance

24/7 Travel and Medical assistance hotline accessible across the globe

CanAssistance operates a 24/7 Travel and Medical assistance hotline accessible across the globe.

CanAssistance employs more than 200 trained specialists in travel medical assistance that includes Canadian medical doctors and experienced Canadian nurses available on a 24/7 basis.

All their professionally trained personnel are fluent in both English and French. CanAssistance also provides access, 24/7, to a multi-language “live” translation service. CanAssistance’s team members are committed, empathetic, and proactive in every situation. In addition to monitoring each patient’s condition, a host of external factors are taken into consideration, including geographical location, cultural differences, quality of care, communications, costs, and insurance coverage.

CanAssistance also provides an array of non-medical assistance services:

  • In case of lost or stolen passport or if luggage is lost or delayed
  • In the event of trip interruption or delayed return for non-medical reasons. CanAssistance will coordinate the purchase of new tickets or the modification of existing ones via a preferred travel agency available 24/7
  • Concierge services

CanAssistance: the “Canadian Safe Zone” around the globe!

CanAssistance has become the benchmark for expertise in travel assistance by developing a strategic network of partners based on insured clients travel patterns and geographical, political and medical challenges/capabilities. Furthermore, CanAssistance has, over the years, developed a worldwide network of qualified and accredited providers to guarantee that all insured clients receive quality care and interventions in a timely fashion.

CanAssistance, your Canadian safe zone around the globe!

Visit CanAssistance’s website for more information.

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