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About Our Underwriters

Training and Resources

Face-to-Face Training

We recognize that training is a key component in achieving optimum results. This is why we have developed comprehensive training protocols to ensure that our partners are educated and trained on policy wording, selling techniques, and the claims process. We notify our partners when any changes or updates are made to our products and/or training and we set up our training programs based on our own internal staff training to ensure that the exact same messages are relayed to our partners as they are to our staff. We deliver this training based on the most convenient format for you, be it face-to-face at partner offices, or using webinars, conference calls, and any other appropriate media.

Online Webinars and Other Resources

Our online training modules are an especially effective and convenient way to provide training and can be utilized as little or as often as necessary. The benefits of our training modules include:

  • Improved product knowledge
  • Increased customer service
  • Developing selling techniques/increase revenue
  • Overcoming obstacles
  • Building confidence in selling
  • Obtaining required continuing education hours

Our agency support team consists of our Inbound Sales Team, our Client Services Team, and our Regional Sales Managers. Each of these groups are staffed with highly trained individuals, equipped with the knowledge and the necessary tools to successfully ensure maximum support.